Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?

The first step is making sure you contact us early! We book up quickly so it is very important to get in touch with us before the season starts. Once you've contacted us by phone or email we will set up a design consultation free of charge. A knowledgeable, friendly designer/installer will come to your home or business and help you lay out a perfect lighting display to highlight all of your property's features.


Do I own the lights?

It depends. You can purchase lights from Premier-Christmas if you wish to purchase them, but we prefer you rent the lights from us. If you rent the lights from Premier-Christmas it comes with guaranteed service and replacement free of charge if a problem arises due to faulty materials. This service and replacement guarantee extends every year you rent lights from us.  In addition to that you don't have to worry about annual storage. Yet another benefit to renting is we allow you to change colors and styles from one year to the next if you desire to do so.


What if I have problems with my lights after you hang them?

We respond to all service calls within 24 hours, guaranteed. If the problem is related to installations we will be out to fix it free of charge, no questions asked. If it is for material replacement and the lights are rented from Premier-Christmas we replace it free of charge, no questions asked. If you've purchased the lights from Premier-Christmas we can only guarantee them for the first season. After that the manufactures warranty expires.


How much do lights cost?

Our full package includes a design consultation, all necessary materials including timers, installation, guaranteed service and replacement, removal, and annual storage. Residences usually start around $300 and can exceed several thousand. Businesses usually start around $1000. Keep in mind we are a professional Christmas light installation company and we do have insurance. You get what you pay for and you should be skeptical when hiring inexperienced individuals or companies to install Christmas lights. All of our installers are trained, English speaking American citizens!


How do you attach the lights to my home or business?

For most homes with gutters and shingles we use a universal plastic clip that attaches to both gutters and shingles. For brick and stone we use hot glue, for wooden arbors or any other wooden structures we use small staples. For businesses with a metal cap on the roof we use magnets. There is never anything permanent or intrusive other than anchors for wreaths and that is done only with your permission. All of our lights are custom fit for every home or business, even the extension cords! You have no unnecessary materials anywhere for any reason. It is a very clean, professional look. 


Will you install lights that I already own?

In very rare cases we will install lights you already own. If you have had an installation by a professional company in the past and we deem the materials they used are sufficient and we can understand their labeling then we will install them for you, but with no guarantee.


When do I owe payment?

We take a 50% deposit at signing to schedule you a date on our calender and the remaining 50% is due after installation is complete and you are satisfied. The reason we must take a deposit up front is because we can only afford to give time to serious customers. We are in very high demand and have a very short period of time to complete our work. All deposits are non-refundable. Premier-Christmas accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


When do you take the lights down?

We begin to work promptly starting January 1st to remove all lights. In most cases it's not necessary for you to even be home, especially if you've rented the lights from us. We guarantee all lights down no later than January 14th.